Shows and Events from the Anna Fiorentini Theatre And Film School.
Fiorentini's Got Talent 2019Arts Depot 12th May 2019Greenwich Theatre 17th March 2019 - Show and RehearsalFiorentinis Got Talent 18th November 2017Shaw Theatre 5th and 6th May 2017Fiorentinis Got Talent 12th March 2016Fiorentini Film Festival 2013Fiorentinis Got Talent 12th Oct 2013Shaw Theatre 24th November 2012Performance Troop Hackney Town Hall 21st July 2012Fiorentinis Got Talent 7th July 2012Classes at Clapton School 10th March 2012Clapton School 3rd March 2012Shaw Theatre 26th November 2011Famillies East Cover Shoot 15th Nov 2011Promo Shoot 12th November 2011Oxford House 9th July 2011Oscars 15th Dec 2010Oxford House Show 6th June 2010Clapton School Rehearsal 19th March 2010